If someone puts you on hold right now during a call, you get a notification on the screen telling that you’ve been put on hold. Sometimes, you might hear “elevator music” as well. Apple has been granted a new patent which details a feature that can change all that.


The feature would allow iPhone users to entertain other iPhone users that they have put on hold by allowing them to share dynamic content such as photos, videos, status updates, location information and more.

The user will first select which content can be shared and which is to be kept private. When they put someone on hold, the feature will automatically pick it up, and show them a list of content that they can view while they’re on hold.

Users will also be able to customize this feature, for example allowing their closest friends to view their pictures while just enabling songs for every other caller. This data will be shared over the cellular provider’s data network, so users can expect heavy data charges. Since this is a patent after all, we can’t say for sure if Apple ever plans on introducing this feature in the iPhone.

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