Considering how popular Android devices are becoming these days, especially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and some other upcoming devices of note, Apple is still a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have quite the popular smartphone with its iPhone, but its tablets and computers are also highly sought after as well, which is why the company has just been awarded “Brand of the Year” for the second consecutive year in the mobile phone, tablet and computer categories. 

Marketing research firm Harris Interactive has dubbed Apple to be the “Brand of the Year” as a result of a poll the company took where it sampled over 38,000 U.S. consumers on a broad range of products and services. “Americans continue to give Apple brands strong ratings,” said Manny Flores, a Harris Interactive senior vice president. “Its Brand Momentum scores are in the top 30 of all 1,500 brands evaluated in the study, showing that consumers see this as a brand of the future.”

With the expected release of a new iPhone and iPad to occur some time later this year, we’re confident Apple can continue earning the “Brand of the Year” award from Harris Interactive, so long as people still love their Apple products.

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