meet_geniusApple’s products, whether you love or hate them, are highly desirable and we have heard stories where Apple’s retail stores have been robbed. While some robberies are outside jobs, we wouldn’t be surprised if some theft occurred internally as well, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that Apple has made it mandatory to check the bags of employees before they go on lunch or end their shift, to make sure that the employees have stolen merchandize or have taken out items without permission, along with contraband.

Unfortunately for employees at Apple retail stores, it seems that these checks occur while they are off the clock, meaning that they are not getting paid while they are having their bags searched. While it might be a rather quick process, it seems that since many employees clock out at the same time, the wait can be pretty long and one employee in particular, Amanda Frlekin, has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming about $1,500 in unpaid wages due to them being searched while off the clock. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages and was filed on behalf of thousands of Apple Store employees across the country. Apple has yet to respond to this complaint.

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