Asus logoUp until today, ASUS has had pretty decent success in the tablet world, especially when they are the ones behind the Nexus 7 tablet as well as the recently announced Nexus 7 2 from Google. Well, on their own, there is also the good looking Transformer series that fly the ASUS banner high, but where smartphones are concerned, you can say that ASUS has remained pretty much on the sidelines without any notable releases to challenge the flagships of other manufacturers. Well, there was the PadFone, a kind of hybrid setup which saw a smartphone docked into a larger tablet, in addition to the FonePad, which is a smaller tablet that does voice calls and messaging, too.

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih did mention in an interview with AllThingsD that ASUS intends to roll out their first smartphone in the US sometime in 2014. While ASUS did roll out their smartphones in other regions before this, the US market was cited to be a challenging one due to the dominance between Apple and Samsung where the high-end side is concerned, while other companies do flood the low-end market, too. Do you think that ASUS has cause for optimism in a US smartphone release?

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