bba10shotsWe did take a closer look at the BlackBerry A10 in a video earlier today, but there is more than what meets the eye where the upcoming flagship device from BlackBerry is set to arrive in the near future. In fact, “Help” diagrams for the BlackBerry A10 Aristo have somehow leaked out, where the renders that you see above do show that the left side of the BlackBerry A10 comes with a side-loaded SIM slot in addition to holding the micro USB port as well as the HDMI-out port.

In a different diagram, there is a removable back cover for the BlackBerry A10 that is shown. While that might not amount much to some, it is interested to know that most of today’s smartphones, especially the flagship models, come with a non-removable battery as the cell is encased in a chassis that might require a special key to open up. If the BlackBerry A10 were to have a removable battery, that would be a huge plus point in most people’s books, I believe. One ought to be cautious not to make assumptions though, since the presence of a removable battery door might not signal a removable battery itself. I know right?

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