blackberry-z101Could former Apple CEO, John Sculley, have been right in his prediction that BlackBerry should just stop churning out hardware, and start looking into a change of its strategy if it were to avoid going the way of the dodo? Perhaps, as even BlackBerry president and CEO Thorsten Heins recently acknowledged that their latest range of smartphones which were released in the US this year was a flawed release, despite being thought of as a line of smartphones that could reverse the fortunes of the flagging smartphone manufacturer.

Take the BlackBerry Z10 that you see above for example, it was part of the line of new smartphones that BlackBerry kept their fingers crossed for it to bring a revival to their bottomline. Mr. Heins did inform investors that BlackBerry required more time for a turnaround, and pleaded for their patience, but for some folks, time is running out for BlackBerry. Do you think that BlackBerry would still be around in a few years’ time, or would they go the way of AltaVista? Hopefully not though.

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