blackberry-z10-available-usOver the past few days we’ve seen reports where it suggested that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform was doing pretty well, with a recent report from Kantar suggesting an 8.1% market share in the UK, putting them ahead of BlackBerry. This “success” was the replicated in the US where Windows Phone, despite falling a bit in market share, was still ahead of BlackBerry, and we’re sure at this point some are wondering if there’s anything BlackBerry can do to pull themselves up. There is also the question of, is BlackBerry in trouble because of this?

While the numbers don’t lie, BlackBerry India’s manager on the other hand seems to be pretty optimistic. In a recent interview, Sunil Lalvani was quoted as saying, “BlackBerry is not in trouble […] I would be candid to admit that yes indeed, we have had one tough last year or little over the year. But if you analyse historically, there are two reasons to it. BlackBerry was one of the pioneers in the smartphone era with the revolutionary feature of having your e-mails on the move. But the entire mobile industry has evolved and it is evident by the huge influx of new smartphones in the market.”

Naturally as BlackBerry India’s manager we expected him to be pretty upbeat about the whole thing, but like we said the numbers don’t lie, but hopefully with the release of the upcoming A10, a BlackBerry 10 take on the phablet, it will appeal to users who want the BlackBerry experience but in a bigger form factor. What do you guys think? Is BlackBerry in trouble or do you think they will eventually start catching up?

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