social-clothingWhen it comes to fashion and clothing, it is a very personal thing. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and you might not think much of that dress of yours, but another person with a totally different outlook might move mountains to make sure that she obtains a similar looking dress as yours. Having said that, conceptual clothes that could help draw an introvert out of his or her shell in a social setting might prove interesting, at least that is what University of London graduate Lilian Hipolyte Mushi thinks by coming up with this conceptual clothing that was specially designed for introverts.

This particular fashion project has been titled “An Introvert’s Transformation to Extroversion”, where it comprises of specific components which ‘react’ whenever someone gets too close to the wearer. Not quite near the alien symbiote that is bonded to Venom of Marvel Comics fame, but at the very least this concept sports wooden arms which will fan out at the back whenever the built-in distance sensors detect someone is in the 80 centimeter range of the wearer. There is also a pleated hood that has been dotted with thermochromic pigments, where it will change colors in response to body heat should the wearer feel embarrassed or shy. Weird stuff, don’t you think so?

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