app-infoBack in the day of feature phones, decisions were made to buy a phone either based on its built-in features, its design, and of course its price. Nowadays more factors are taken into consideration, such as hardware specs, cameras, design, materials used, operating system, and of course how many apps are available for that particular operating system. After all apps help to enhance the experience the user has with the phone, so naturally that is an important consideration, but is it possible to live without apps? To help Apple celebrate the fifth anniversary of its iTunes App Store, the folks at eBay have conducted a survey with 200 people on what their lives would be like if they went four days without apps, and the result is the infographic pictured above (the rest of it can be viewed on eBay’s website).

To sum it up, it seems that many of those surveyed felt “powerless” and even “lost” when they were not allowed to use their apps. 55% felt happier when their apps were returned to them, 40% found themselves more production, and 32% felt less frustrated. The survey also found that through the use of apps, some of which have been designed to help save you time, on average the participants saved 30 mins a day in daily activities, which amounts to 182 hours a year. Pretty interesting, what do you guys think? Have you realized how dependent you are on some apps and might not be able to function properly without them?

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