One doesn’t normally get the chance to wander around a current or former president’s house, much less that of one of the founding fathers of the U.S.A. Thanks to technology though, a lot that people deemed to be impossible is now very much possible. Google Maps Street View now allows you to explore Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello House. For those who missed their history class, Thomas Jefferson was the third president of this country as well as one of the founding fathers.

His Monticello residence can now be virtually explored through Google Maps Street View. Everything from the big gardens to the main hall, dining room and his personal study can be explored. Everything that’s present in there can be viewed, its definitely a treat for people who know their history, those who want to educate themselves or those who simply want to see for themselves where one of the most well known figures of this country used to reside. The best part is, you don’t even have to go to Monticello. Following this direct Google Maps link will take you straight to his residence. [Image via Gizmodo]

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