Facebook is reportedly pondering over the idea of becoming a mobile game publisher, it is said to be in talks with various game developers on a deal that would publish their games under Facebook’s brand. The social network will generate revenue from these games through its ad platform, developers will apparently also be given a cut of revenue generated through ads.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook has confirmed it is working on tests for distribution of mobile games, without revealing any more details. Facebook is said to be working only with small developers and its focus is said to primarily be on distribution of the titles. It won’t be making any changes to the game tiself, Facebook will also not be financing the production of the games. This strategy will allow Facebook to earn revenue from mobile devices, currently the bulk of its ad revenue comes in from the desktop version of the network. Small and independent developers will have a lot of advantage when their titles release under the Facebook brand, so this deal may very well end up working out quite nicely for all parties involved.

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