furby-japFurby made a bid to be a hot selling toy last Christmas with a revamped rollout in 2012, which was a vast improvement over the first generation Furby that rolled out 15 years ago, sending parents into a Furby frenzy back then. Well, here we are with a spanking new generation of Furbies, where these will feature LCD eyes as well as the ability to interface with a smartphone app. For folks living in Japan, they have only been able to play with English-speaking Furbies, but Japanese-speaking Furby fans can now skip around and make a little pirouette as Takara Tomy has rolled out the Japanese version of the new Furby, and these puppies will arrive in cute and bright pop colors, too – Candy Pink, Kiwi Green, Strawberry Pink and Mint Drop.

Similar to their English counterparts, these Japanese Furbies might not be as sentient as Skynet, but they are capable of developing different personalities, depending on the way you interact with them. Needless to say, their command of the Japanese vocabulary will increase the more you communicate with them, and they are also adorable in their own way since they can snore, burp, and for some, make the noise of passing gas. Expect to fork out roughly $71 after conversion for a Japanese speaking Furby. [Press Release (Japanese PDF)]

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