Spinning a top takes plenty of skill and practice, and is rather difficult to master if you want to have your top spin the longest among your peers. Well, you can always trust a little bit of technology in your quest to spin that top if all else fails – thanks to the Takara Tomy Beyblades. What makes this so special from the rest of the wooden tops out there? For starters, you use a remote control to make sure your top goes the way you want it to – older generations might have thought of you to be telekinetic on some level!


The new Super Control Beyblades are controlled via an IR remote, allowing combatants to accelerate, reverse and even stop their Beyblades right in the middle of the arena. This is made possible courtesy of an electric motor that is located inside the top that will increase, decrease or even cancels its spin – what do you think of a toy like this? Sounds as though you would do well to get the relevant sized rechargeable batteries as it does seem to eat a lot of batteries with all the kinetic energy involved.

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