Anyone remember the Furby toy? This is one furry yet mechanical toy proved to be the Christmas piece de resistance back in 1998, sending parents into a frenzy to get one of these for their little ones, and with the insane demand, market forces dictated the resale price as triple that of the shelf sticker price tag. Manufacturers of the Furby, Tiger Electronics, have been toying with the idea of bringing an updated Furby to the market this Christmas, calling the next generation Furby ‘Taboo’. You can tell from the eyes that it is no longer just plastic, but it will most probably be some form of low power display that can rearrange the pixels within to denote different “emotions” that the Furby is experiencing at the moment.

Toy expert Peter Jenkinson said,”The image suggests that the moving facial parts have been entirely replaced by an LCD screen. This will prompt lots of talk, not all of it intelligible, on Furby forums.” Other speculations made concerning Furby 2012 include Wi-Fi connectivity built right into the Furby itself so that it can transmit a livestream of video content while interacting with other friends’ Furbys online. I think if parents had their choice, they would not want to go through the crazy scramble all over again for a toy, preferring instead for a more muted Christmas celebration.

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