glassteslaThe Google Glass project has certainly experienced its fair share of developments recently, but there is still more to come – it seems that Google Glass and Tesla electric cars have a common bind in the form of the GlassTesla app, where users are able to control their Tesla Model S using their Google Glass device, now how cool is that? The GlassTesla is capable of locating a missing Tesla Model S on Google Maps, making you feel like some sort of superspy on a mission, or you can also inform Google Glass to activate the horn and flash the lights in your quest to locate your ride in the middle of a mammoth parking lot.

Apart from that, the GlassTesla app is also able to lock and unlock doors, inform you that a door remains open, and also show off the exterior and interior temperature of the Tesla Model S. One especially useful feature in GlassTesla would be its ability to manage the charging process of the Tesla Model S, as you know just the exact level of charge that your Tesla ride is, while using it to start and stop the charging process. Pretty cool, no?

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