Microsoft Admits They Built More Surface RT Tablets Than They Could Sell

microsoft-surface-rt-review--11When Microsoft first unveiled their Surface Windows tablets, many said that this was a tablet that could finally be the iPad killer, and while it did appear to be promising, sales of the tablet were not up to expectations, causing Microsoft to slash prices by $150, which some believed would not help. Microsoft later went on to announce that they would be writing-down $900 million in inventory and according to a recent report, Microsoft has admitted that they built more Surface tablets that they could have sold.

This was announced by Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, where Ballmer was quoted as saying, “We built a few more devices than we could sell […] We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to.” Microsoft has attempted recently to share the differences in their tablets versus the iPad, going as far as poking fun at the iPad’s abilities in an attempt to get more customers over onto their platform, but we guess while those ads might have made for good laughs, they weren’t enough. Hopefully Microsoft has taken something away from this and will create more appealing hardware in the future.

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