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Microsoft Paying Up To $150 For RT Tablet Owners Who Upgrade To Surface 3
We know for sure now that Windows RT has reached the end of the road and that Microsoft will not be reviving this iteration of its operating system. The company filled the gap with Surface 3, a relatively cheap new tablet that goes in sale in the country today. Microsoft is offering to pay up to $150 to anyone who trades in their old Windows RT powered tablet for a […]

Surface RT Reigns Supreme Over Other Windows 8 Devices
The Microsoft Surface RT tablet was released back in 2012. It was the first of its kind as far as tablets by Microsoft was concerned and while many had initially lauded Microsoft’s efforts and build quality of their Surface devices, it did not exactly take off the way Microsoft had intended.Microsoft has since gone on to release newer and better models, but interestingly enough according to the stats released by […]

Surface 2 Said To Have Same $500 Price As Surface RT
Microsoft is going to unveil its new Surface tablets at an event on September 23rd, that much we know, all the rest has been rumored. The new tablets aren’t expected to come with major design changes, however a refined kickstand is said to be on the cards. Internal hardware components will obviously be changed. There has been much speculation about the pricing, particularly of the Surface 2, the next generation […]

Microsoft Surface 2 May Ditch The 'RT' Label
We’ve heard a lot of rumors over the past few months that Microsoft is working on the next generation Surface tablets. The company’s tablet hasn’t exactly won over the market, in fact Microsoft took a $900 million hit because of it. They’ve slashed prices and offered them to schools at a fraction of the original price, but all of that hasn’t translated into success for the tablet. Perhaps Microsoft will […]


Microsoft May Have Forced Ballmer's Retirement Due To Surface RT Debacle
Late last week, Microsoft announced its current CEO, Steve Ballmer, would be retiring from his role within the next 12 months. At the time, Microsoft didn’t give any details in regards to why exactly Ballmer was making his exit from the company, instead taking the time to show their appreciation for his previous work to help shape the company into what it is today. But one analyst is arguing that […]

Giant “Piano” Made Up Of Surface RT Tablets
Being creative in this day and age is even easier than ever before, considering the number of options that you have on hand. The introduction of technology in the form of smartphones, tablets, digital tablets, and the ilk make the arts even more interesting. Enter this huge “piano” that you can see in the video above – where it was created by a Microsoft team in Germany who used a […]

Surface RT And Surface Pro Get Firmware Updates
Just last month, Microsoft introduced a new firmware update for their Surface RT tablet which admittedly, has not fared as well as expected in the market. Well, I guess Microsoft has been in such a situation before with their original Xbox console that didn’t make much headway, if any, in Japan, but they persevered and the Xbox 360 did a whole lot better in comparison after that. Here we are […]

Investors Sue Microsoft Over Surface Performance
It is safe to say that despite all the initial fuss and hype, Microsoft’s Surface tablets aren’t doing as well as Microsoft would have liked, forcing the company to slash prices and write-down inventory. Unfortunately due to Microsoft being a public company, not only do they have their customers to answer to, but they also have their investors to answer to and it seems that some of them are not […]

New Microsoft Surface RT Ad Highlights The iPad's Shortcomings
The iPad has been dominating the tablet scene for quite a while now, although recent numbers show that perhaps Apple could be losing their grip at the number one position to Android manufacturers who have been churning out pretty impressive hardware with affordable prices, the new Nexus 7 being a prime example. In any case the iPad is still considered by some as the tablet to beat, and despite Microsoft’s […]

External Ethernet Support Fix Coming To Surface RT Tablets Soon
While most of us tend to rely on WiFi connections to connect our tablets to the internet, there are times when WiFi is not available, thus an Ethernet connection is required as is the case sometimes in hotels. While the Microsoft Surface RT tablet does not come with an Ethernet port, Microsoft has attempted to “fix” this by offering up an external Ethernet dongle, which unfortunately according to several reports, […]

Microsoft Surface RT Sold Out At Walmart Due To Price Cut
The Microsoft Surface tablet when first debuted was hailed as the iPad killer, thanks to a familiar operating system and impressive build quality. Unfortunately the tablet did not go on to be the iPad killer that some had hoped, and to help cut their losses and salvage what they can, Microsoft decided to reduce the price of the tablet by $150 and ultimately write-down $900 million worth of inventory. Well […]

Microsoft Admits They Built More Surface RT Tablets Than They Could Sell
When Microsoft first unveiled their Surface Windows tablets, many said that this was a tablet that could finally be the iPad killer, and while it did appear to be promising, sales of the tablet were not up to expectations, causing Microsoft to slash prices by $150, which some believed would not help. Microsoft later went on to announce that they would be writing-down $900 million in inventory and according to […]

Microsoft Could Burn Up To $1 Billion In Unsold Surface Tablets
Microsoft is definitely a company that is rich – very, very rich, but this does not mean it gives them the license to treat money flippantly since they do have to answer to investors and shareholders as well. Having said that, their cash position does give them an advantage, as they can “buy” their way into a particular market. Case in point, the video games console market, where what was […]

Microsoft Surface RT Price Cuts Probably Won't Improve Sales
Last week it was rumored that Microsoft was going to be slashing $150 off of Surface RT price in the U.S. It did indeed do that, but only a couple of days back we found out that they have in fact reduced prices of the Surface RT globally by as much as 30 percent. One of the reasons believed to be behind this move is that Microsoft wants to hike […]

Microsoft Slashes Surface RT Price Globally By 30%
Microsoft has reduced prices of Surface RT models by as much as 30 percent around the world, after slashing the prices by $150 in the U.S.

Microsoft Surface RT Prices Cut By $150
Microsoft has now officially slashed the prices of Surface RT tablets by $150. The 32GB Surface RT tablet now costs $349.99.

Microsoft Surface RT Price Cut Expected
Microsoft is expected to cut prices on every Surface RT model by $150. The company already offers this tablet at a discounted rate of $199 to schools.

Microsoft Surface Tablets To Be Available From New Authorized Resellers
Microsoft announced that Surface RT and Surface Pro tables will now be available at new authorized resellers in the U.S. The company will also be authorizing new resellers in other countries over the next few months.

webOS Like Fate Predicted For Windows RT
Windows RT will reportedly suffer a fate similar to webOS, because according to its upstream supply sources many brand vendors have stopped developing products based on this platform.

Microsoft Surface RT Expected To Run On Qualcomm Processors [Report]
A report suggests Microsoft will be using Qualcomm processors for its next Surface RTs.