Microsoft Fresh Paint App Released For Windows Phone 8


When Windows 8 / RT were released to the public, one app captured everyone’s attention. It was Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app, which allowed users to create artwork as well as edit their photos. The app has received quite a lot of praise, and Windows Phone 8 users should now rejoice as Microsoft has made this app available for its mobile platform. The company announced today that Fresh Paint for WP8 is now available, inviting users to unleash their “inner Picasso.”

With just a few taps, users will be able to turn their photos in to artworks. They will also be able to create original works. The Lens feature provides a preview of the photo through various filters such as Sketch and Oil. There are even greater options when creating original works, the app lets users mix custom colors, choose various brushes as well as adjust brush sizes as per their requirements. When done, creations can be shared via e-mail, SkyDrive or text message. The Fresh Paint app is now live and available for download from Windows Phone Store.

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