droid-family-leakThe folks over at @evleaks must be on a roll today, as they now have tweeted a leaked photo (obviously) of a family portrait – except that the members of this family are not from the Corleone stock, but rather, of the Motorola breed. In particular, the Motorola Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX were all lined up and snapped gleefully – without any of those customary blurry shots for once, of course. The photo that you see above shows off the Motorola DROID series of phones – at least for the year 2013, where they all come encased in Kevlar that would not only help you out when durability of a handset is one of your criterias when choosing a phone, but also to ensure that the entire shebang is literally lightweight in your pocket (or handbag, or wherever else you decide to carry your handset).

Not only that, Motorola also intends to settle for capacitive keys instead of on-screen software-powered ones that some manufacturers favor. It really boils down to personal preference. We are extremely curious to see that Motorola, too, has been bitten by the ‘Mini’ bug, as the introduction of a Droid Mini would surely ignite the entry level market with yet another player. Hopefully more details on all three devices will be revealed sooner rather than later.

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