motorola_mobility_logo-630x420We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Motorola’s upcoming smartphone, the Moto X. Based on what we know of the Moto X’s specifications, let’s just say that without using the device for ourselves and playing with it, it does not sound very impressive and we have to wonder how it will hold up against the likes of the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, just to name a few of its possible competitors. However it seems that Motorola will be banking a fair bit on the Moto X device because according to The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Google will be giving Motorola a sizable marketing budget to work with.

The publication has suggested that Google will be giving Motorola upwards of $500 million to help the company market its latest smartphone not just locally and to the major carriers, but in select overseas markets as well. $500 million is definitely not a small sum of money and we have to wonder if all the marketing in the world can help make a device whose alleged hardware specs might not put it with par with the competition at the moment. In any case it is possible the earlier rumored specs could be false, so take it with a grain of salt for now and for all we know, Motorola and Google could completely surprise us at the device’s unveiling, so stay tuned!

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