attmobileplansWe are right now in the home stretch for the month of July, and are there any surprises in store where the mobile phone world is concerned? The correct answer would be a rather resounding “Yes!”, as here we are with word that AT&T’s Mobile Share plans will be more user friendly than ever before, as there were complaints and grouses in the past that touted this plan was too much of a financial burden on those who need bite sized data in their monthly use. Well, AT&T has ideas for their Mobile Share plans, where they will be introducing 300MB as well as 2GB tiers, this coming July 26th.

If you want to settle for the 300MB tier, you will need to fork out $20 monthly, where this particular package would be 50% the price of the 1GB plan, and it will target basic phone users. It remains to be seen just how much the 2GB tier will cost, but common sense will do the trick in determining the price point, as it seats nicely between the 1GB and 4GB plans at the moment. If you previously held out on an AT&T Mobile Share plan, would the new tiers appeal to you this time around? [Press Release]

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