doorbotSince apps and operating systems do get updated versions from time to time, it is not surprising to see home appliances, too, be on the receiving end of a refresh. In fact, a spanking new version of DoorBot was unveiled officially recently at the launch of PSFK’s Future of Home Living Experience in New York. If that name sounds familiar to you, that is because we did talk about the original DoorBot at the end of last year, it being a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell which will hook up to smartphones and tablets, allowing you to see whether it is the pizza delivery boy at the door, or a Mafia gang member who is pretending to be one.

It takes just minutes to install the $199 DoorBot, where you can then access it’s “view” from the free DoorBot app, regardless of where you are around the home (or from outside, as long as there is a decent Internet connection). Additional improvements made in recent months have seen the DoorBot be more efficient and easy to use, where shipping will commence from September onwards. Other than a new sleek design and smaller size, the refreshed DoorBot will be able to attach to an existing traditional legacy doorbell for charging and ringing purposes, being able to run on an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery for approximately one year before requiring a recharge, improved faceplate and mounting elements, and an optional remote Wi-Fi enabled USB powered bell.

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