I live on the second floor of a multi-family home and getting the door can be a complete pain as not only do I have to put on a pair of pants, but I also need to figure out if whoever it is at my front door has been sent to kill me and steal my stuff. DoorBot is a product that will not only help a person like me answer the door while in my boxer shorts, but also see if they’re there to murder me and my family.

DoorBot is a wireless doorbell that can stream a view of your doorstep to your mobile device. The visitor will need to ring the doorbell, and you’ll be alerted to their presence to which you can “answer” the door through the DoorBot application, or ignore the call if it’s an unwelcome visitor.

The DoorBot can be installed with very little effort as four screws will be able to mount the entire thing on our door and will run on four AA batteries for up to a year. DoorBot can also be combined with Lockitron to give access to your home with a flip of the switch.

Inventor Edison Junior is currently in the process of raising funds for the DoorBot through a Kickstart-like platform. If you’re interested in the DoorBot, you can pledge your support by purchasing it for $169.00 for the device on its own or $319.00 for the additional Lockitron support.

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