New Zagat App For iOS And Android Debuts

Zagat, having been picked up by Google a couple of years ago for a sizable amount of money, is now back with a brand new Zagat website for you to play around with, in addition to a new mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms which will place the very best restaurants and nightspots right at your very own fingertips. Not only that, folks will love the fact that for the very first time, the trusted Zagat ratings and reviews can now be accessed for free without the need to go through any pesky registration procedures.

This new Zagat app will feature the latest news and video content from expert local editors, curated lists, powerful search and map-based browsing that will assist you in hunting down the places that locals go to, and want to keep it a secret from the rest of the world lest a bunch of tourists end up spoiling the place and atmosphere. The new Zagat will encompass both restaurants and nightlife across nine cities, with plans to expand this coverage to 50 U.S. and international destinations, touching on shopping, hotels and other places of interest to boot. Get Zagat for Android here and for iOS here.

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