Google is flush with cash, we all know that, but definitely are not as rich as Apple in terms of market capitalization. Surely $151 million is not too much to ask then for Zagat, a restaurant review and guide source? At least, that is the figure quoted by the good people over at Reuters, which is also rather high compared to the original estimates that some publications had – clearly remaining around the $66 million mark and $125 million, depending on who you talk to in the industry.

While $151 million is definitely far less than what Zagat had hoped for a few years ago, perhaps they were building castles in the air with delusions of grandeur. Glad to know that gone are the heydays of the dot-com boom, and companies are far more careful in spending their cash these days. Zagat will definitely be in the top ten of the most expensive purchases that Google have made, although it is placed somewhere in the bottom rungs.

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