If you’ve watch musical performances like Stomp or something similar, you might be familiar with acts that attempt to create some kind of rhythmic groove using regular objects. In the case of Benjamin Von Wong, instead of using the lids of trash cans or hitting brooms against the floor to create a rhythmic symphony, he made use of 14 Nikon DSLR cameras reportedly worth $30,000 and created a “Nikon Symphony” use the sounds emitted from the cameras. The sounds were created from the various parts of the camera, such as slamming a camera onto a table, the sound of a flash unit going off, the sound of camera shutters firing, and scrolling through the menus.

It’s surprisingly pretty groovy albeit a bit short, but still impressive nonetheless. If you’re interested in seeing how $30,000 worth of Nikon DSLR cameras are used not for their intended purpose, be sure to check out the video above! Alternatively if you’re more interested to see how it was all put together, the behind-the-scenes video can be viewed below.

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