google-glass-perscription-630x365Earlier this year it was reported that Google Glass would come in a prescription version, allowing those of us who wear glasses to enjoy the technology as well. However it wasn’t clear as to how this would work; would it be a pair of Google Glasses that could attach to any pair of regular spectacles, or would it be a pair of prescription glasses that would come with the Google Glass technology built right into the lens itself? Well thanks to a patent filed by Google, it seems that it’s a little bit of both. The patent, as you can see in the diagram above, calls for a specially designed pair of glasses that come with the Google Glass device attached to it via a set of magnets.

The patent also reveals that the overall design will include batteries and circuitry which is used to control Glass, along with a communication device which we’re guessing would be a microphone and vibrating speaker similar to that in the Google Glass dev kits. Assuming that this is the prescription version of Google Glass we’re looking at, it looks like we could be seeing many people walking down the street sporting similar eyewear, albeit in different colors. Personally I would have preferred an attachment I could use with a regular pair of specs, but this works as well. What do you guys think?

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