Microsoft’s first generation Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets haven’t exactly seen astronomical sales, it is believed that the company sold 1.5 million units combined of both tablets. Microsoft itself has not revealed sales figures. When the Surface tablets were announced last year, the company said it would initially only sell them through its retail stores. What baffled most people was that Microsoft only had a little over 30 stores in the entire country at that time, which weren’t exactly enough to warrant exclusivity. Since then they’ve allowed certain resellers to sell their tablets, by one reseller has particularly criticized Microsoft’s Surface tablet sales strategy.

Talking with Business Insider the CEO of Future Tech, Bob Venero, said that Microsoft is still not letting smaller resellers carry its tablets. Instead it wants them to direct their customers to its own retail stores. Venero says that he’s trying to comprehend the “rationale” behind not allowing these resellers to sell the Surface tablets on their own. Microsoft recently slashed prices on both models of the Surface RT tablet by $150, the price cuts have been rolled out globally as well to the tune of 30 percent.

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