Samsung-SC770-05Samsung has two new large monitors on the market with this update of its Series 7 monitors. The Series 7 SC770 ($599.99) is a touch monitor which has been designed to offer a quick path to all the Windows 8 “touch goodness” that your current computer setup may not be able to perform. To provide the touch data connectivity back to the computer, the SC770 connects via USB in addition to the classic video cable. The result is just what you expect: all the sudden you have a 24” touch computer without having to change anything else. I tried it, and it feels as responsive as a native touch display setup found on a laptop or tablet.

In terms of Industrial design, Samsung designed the SC770 monitor to work in a variety of angle, including one that is almost horizontal, which would lend itself for a stand-up workstation or even a point of sales – unless you want to use this to power a fancy media center in your living room (it has built-in speakers too).

Developer's dream: have 3 of these side by side

Developer’s dream: have 3 of these side by side, is that big enough for you?

The Samsung Series 7 SC750 monitor is built for productivity, and users who have to deal with a lot of text (developers, print designers…) would probably love this one. This model comes in 24” (S24C750P, $249) or 27” (S27C750P, $379) with a 1920×1080 resolution (yes, for both) and as you can see, it can be rotated to a 90-degree orientation which makes them an ultimate tool for text-editing. Bizarrely this is becoming very hard to find monitors that can be oriented vertically these days, so this is a very potent option for that market. I currently use two vertically-oriented 20” monitors (1600×1200) to edit code, and was very impressed by how huge the vertical S27C750P looked when I got my hands on it.

Both the SC770 and SC750 series feature two HDMI ports, so you can use it for both computing and entertainment at the same time. Additionally, the SC750 has a VGA port too. This is most likely very handy for bed rooms/dorm rooms and small apartments where they could be the primary screen.

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