Job interviews aren’t always formal situations where you come into the office and a bunch of people ask you questions. Some are more practical where you are asked to demonstrate some practical skills, and in the case of a 19-year old, it seems that he really wants to work for Bethesda to the extent where he believes that his Skyrim mod is good enough to get him a job at the company. Yes, we’ve seen many Skyrim mods in the past, but not many are of this scale because what this young name, Alexander J. Velicky, has done is create a mod that not only took him about 2,000 hours to develop, but it also adds about 20 hours worth of content to the game.

The mod also features original voice acting and according to Velicky, this was possible thanks to his father who supported him as he worked on the project exclusively, which is surprising given that most parents would probably nag their kids about college applications and such! “The best way to show Bethesda Game Studios that I want a job there and should be hired is to create content that meets the standards of their incredible development team.” The mod, called Falskaar, is currently available via Nexus Mods and if you’d like to take it for a spin, hit up the website and check it out. In the meantime what do you guys think? Does this mod quality Velicky for a job at Bethesda?

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