charging-collaborationWhen it comes to electric vehicles, there is one very huge disadvantage that is associated with them – that is, their range, or rather a shortness of it compared to gas-powered rides. Of course, some solutions have been offered up such as the EP Tender that we talked about earlier this morning, but it is still an unsightly addition to the back of your stylish ride. Having said that, a bunch of Japanese auto manufacturers, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi has announced that they will be working alongside the Japanese government of the day in order to deliver more than triple the number of publicly accessible chargers throughout the Land of the Rising Sun, and we are talking about Level 2 as well as DC fast chargers. This would mean approximately 11,000 units and 5,700 units, respectively, now how about that?

In order to do so, the Japanese government also shared that they intend to release approximately 100 billion yen (that would amount to around $1 billion in US dollars) worth of subsidies so that additional regular chargers can be installed in various places such as shopping malls and restaurants, all the while deploying more fast chargers at or near highway rest stops and gas stations.

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