test_sony_nex-7_aufmacherWe’ve been hearing rumors about a Sony full-frame mirrorless camera for a while now, and the last we heard, said device could potentially be known as the NEX-9. Recently a Sony manager did not outright deny the existence of the device, although we heard that such a device might only make an appearance in 2014. However that appears to have been changed according to Sony Alpha Rumors. According to a tip they have received, it seems that Sony’s CEO has decided to speed things up on the camera front with the NEX full-frame camera, and instead of being announced in 2014, it is possible that we might be seeing an announcement in the next two months! That’s a pretty drastic change and quite a speed up as well, so we’re not sure if the folks at Sony have been pulling double shift or if this rumor might not pan out.

Sony Alpha Rumors has been pretty spot on when it comes to these things, so for now we’ll bite but we’ll take it with a grain of salt nonetheless and suggest you do the same! The exact specs of the full-frame camera remain unknown at this point in time, but hopefully additional information will pop up at a later date. So, any photographers out there excited at the possibility of a full-frame NEX camera that could be announced in the near future?

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