We’ve been hearing rumors about a possible full-frame Sony NEX camera which could be making an appearance later this year, or possibly even next. As it stands some are pointing towards the Sony NEX-9 being the possible candidate, while others are referring it as the Sony RX2. In any case we’re sure some photographers are excited about it and during a video interview, the US manager for Sony was asked as to when consumers would be able to get their hands on such a device. His answer, while pretty vague, did not outright deny the existence of the camera. According to the manager, he claims that he has read the rumors and “believes” them, but unfortunately he is unable to tell you if they are true, which we guess isn’t surprising since we doubt he would jeopardize his career and let the cat out of the bag ahead of Sony’s schedule. Like we said his answer is pretty vague, but at the same time since he did not actually outright deny the existence of such a camera, photographers can take some comfort in that. Now the question is a matter of when will we be seeing said camera? What do you guys think? Will it be 2013 or 2014 when Sony announces their full-frame NEX camera?

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