ff14For fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, some of you guys are probably looking forward to playing the remake of the game’s MMO, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, if you aren’t already in the beta. The game is scheduled for a release on both the PC and Sony PlayStation 3 on the 27th of August, and we’re sure some are wondering if Square Enix has any plans to eventually bring the game over onto the Xbox, and if not what are their reasons? According to the folks at RPGsite, the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, claims that the reason FF14: A Realm Reborn is not making its way onto the Xbox is due to Microsoft’s policies. As it stands the game allows for cross-play between the PC and PS3 platform, but apparently that was not something Microsoft seemed to happy about.

According to Yoshida, “I would love for as many players as possible to enjoy the game worldwide, so from a business point of view it could make sense to have it on the Xbox platforms. But as I mentioned earlier, that would bring about the tragedy that somebody might have to give up their existing character. Then players might get frustrated, and then they ask us – ‘Square Enix, can’t you do something?’ and then… yeah. Unless that happens, we can’t really do anything.” As it stands it seems that Microsoft’s policy is still in effect, and we doubt the company will be changing that just for one game, so for now it looks like Xbox gamers will be out of luck.

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