naval-battlegroup.0_cinema_960.0It seems that sexual assault in the military has become quite an issue and some law-makers are looking to take the legal recourse out of the military’s hands, and of course this did not sit well with the military and they have since stated that they plan to tackle this issue internally through training and educational programs, and one of these programs includes a video game which takes advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect to help address the issue of rape. The video game is being developed by Organic Motion and is made for the U.S. Navy and basically it takes advantage of the Kinect to create avatar-based simulations whereby the officer trainees get to play out certain scenarios.

The game will receive a budget of $83,000 and it is expected to be completed in the next three months and according to the contract obtained by CNS News, “The system will not use pre-programed branching scenarios to determine the responses for the avatar […] It will instead animate a human agent using a [Kinect] interface. The system shall allow a subject matter expert to determine the appropriate response to both verbal and non-verbal cues so that the student receives improved feedback regarding their actions.” While the effectiveness of this game has yet to be determined, it is a good effort nonetheless and we can only hope it will see positive results.

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