verizon-familybaseTechnology has certainly advanced to such a state where young kids tend to be more well versed with technology than their parents, and sometimes, parents are unable to ensure that their kids remain safe from cyberbullies and the ilk, although there has been certain safety measures such as parental controls introduced in the past. Granted, parental controls are not meant to take over the role and responsibility of the parents, but rather, to function as an additional safeguard or buffer. Verizon’s FamilyBase is one tool that allows parents to have more insight into their kids’ mobile phone use, and it does not just stop at setting the amount of time one can spend on the handset in addition to usage restrictions.

The FamilyBase feature from Verizon will offer additional insight to parents, such as enabling them to check out who is included in their children’s contact list, who and when they are calling and texting, as well as the kind of apps that they are using – in addition to the total length of time said app was used. Not only that, parents can also remotely lock their child’s phone, now how about that? Sort of like a home-based PRISM program, no? [Press Release]

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