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It has only been a couple of weeks since the whistle was blown on NSA’s top secret PRISM program, through which it is gathering insane amounts of data from major U.S. tech companies. There have already been many debates on this program, there were actually a string of leaks that also unveiled UK’s eavesdropping programs as well. It is now being reported that France too has its own data surveillance system which it can use to spy on “anyone, anytime.”

DGSE, the French intelligence agency, reportedly runs this program through which it collects metadata from communications taking place in France and those flowing in and out of the country. All data collected is reportedly stored in the basement of DGSE’s HQ, where the agency has a supercomputer installed to handle it. It is said that this data is only available to French intelligence agencies, and even the police. The legality of such programs can always be called in to question. They’re usually justified under the pretense of keeping an eye on terrorist cells, but there are activists that oppose blatant monitoring of people’s data. There has been no official statement regarding these claims from the GDSE as yet.

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