Don’t you love it when technology starts to merge and overlap the different areas of life, be it in fashion or the arts? For those of you who happen to have a musical inclination, then you might want to check out the Archifon – which happens to be an interactive installation project that was kicked off by a musician and multimedia artist Tomáš Dvořák alongside visual artist Dan Gregor, where it was originally conceived and conceptualized for the Olomouc Baroque de-baptized chapel in 2011. We are glad to say that the second edition of the Archifon has already been installed in the Royal Chapel of Protestante Church for the Nuit Blanche Festival in Brussels.

In another word, the Archifon II (which makes it easier to denote its generation) happens to be a large and interactive virtual musical instrument that is controlled using an ordinary laser pointer. Hmmm, this would be a good way to test out one of those Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver collectibles that come with a laser pointer function, no? Architectural spaces have been specially projection-mapped, where its surfaces will be able to project imagery as well as sounds each time they are “touched” by the beam of a laser pointer.

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