Gamescom is currently going strong, which means there’s been a ton of gaming news coming out in the past couple of days. One game we’re sure you’re dying to hear more about is Bungie’s upcoming title, Destiny. Well, you’re in luck as the company has released a new video documentary, or ViDoc for short, highlighting a number of the game’s features.

The new ViDoc highlights the specifics of the three weapon slots you’ll be allowed to use in Destiny, some of the game’s locations, and character customization, which Bungie says your character will evolve from their humble beginnings to become even more badass as you progress through the game.

Bungie also goes into detail on the game’s seamless matchmaking, which is able to allow your friend to pop in and out of your game without the player receiving any kind of prompt. The developer describes this experience by saying you’ll be walking along, to suddenly hear gunshots in your immediate area. When the player looks around, they’ll suddenly see their friend in the game with them. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably walk right past them as you awkwardly try not to make eye contact with their character, hoping they won’t want to team up with you.

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