Recently it was announced that Bungie and Activision would be parting ways. Prior to that, Bungie was the developer behind the Destiny franchise while Activision acted as its publisher. The split also saw Bungie retain the rights to Destiny, meaning that they’ll be able to keep developing it and publish it themselves if they so choose.

However one has to wonder that with this split, could it potentially have thrown a monkey wrench into the company’s plans for Destiny 3? Apparently not, at least according to research firm Cowen & Company who claims that Destiny 3 is still on track for a release in 2020. Given that Destiny games are released every three years, it seems like it is a pretty safe prediction to make.

The report also claims that the deal with Activision saw the publisher request a game every two years, but it was later changed to every three years which might have led to a “growing divergence” between the companies, which could possibly explain the split. We had heard back in 2018 that Destiny 3 was already in the works, so a launch in 2020 doesn’t seem entirely impossible or out of the question.

It is unclear as to what this split could mean for Destiny 3 as well, due to the fact that with Destiny 2, Activision had wanted to introduce more microtransactions to bolster the game’s revenue after it had failed to meet sales targets. With Destiny 3 now being self-published, maybe we could be seeing a return of a game with less in-game purchases, or at least that’s the hope.

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