We first saw the Samsung Galaxy NX camera during the June 20 Samsung launch event in London. Since then, we were waiting for the final price and release date. This is now confirmed: the Galaxy NX will come out in the USA in October at a starting price of $1599.99 (body) or $1699.99 (body+kit lens). We take it that “October” usually means “late October”, but we wouldn’t mind being surprised by an earlier availability.

We knew that Android cameras were unavoidable in general, and sensed that the original Galaxy Camera was only the beginning. That’s exactly what is happening at Samsung: now that the company has established a baseline in terms of software, optics and connectivity, Samsung incrementally goes higher up the image quality ladder and the Galaxy NX camera is the most powerful Android imaging device ever built.

If you missed the original launch, the Galaxy NX is equipped with a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C sensor. This is the sensor size that is commonly found in DSLR cameras. To run a recent Android 4.2.2, the camera embeds a quad-core processor which a frequency of 1.6GHz. In the back, there is a big 4.8” LCD display with an 800×600 resolution – not really impressive but well sufficient for framing.

The Galaxy NX also embeds a DRIMe IV Image Signal Processor which helps capture still images at a maximum speed of 8.6 FPS (1/6000sec max shutter speed). For moving subjects, the hybrid (phase+contrast) auto-focus (AF) system should prove most useful.

In theory, the Galaxy NX should be as easy to use as a camera phone, and would provide very high image quality both in terms of audio and video. Now, what we really want to see are the custom apps from third parties.

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