Sundays in the U.S. will soon change as the 2013 NFL season will be upon us, making buffalo wings a scarce commodity for the next couple of months as football fans gather around their HDTVs to watch their favorite team pummel their opposition. But if there’s any truth behind a recent report, football fans could be getting their NFL fix via YouTube.

According to AllThingsD, Google and YouTube executives met with the NFL on Tuesday to discuss possibly bringing the Sunday Ticket package to its service, which would allow for games to be broadcast that aren’t shown in the local market. Currently, DirecTV has the rights to the Sunday Ticket package, although the deal will expire at the end of the 2014 season.

Considering YouTube launched a subscription service to a handful of channels earlier this year, bringing the Sunday Ticket subscription to its users shouldn’t be too difficult. When you also consider just how many Smart TVs and connected devices have a YouTube application, football fans could, in theory, watch games anywhere and everywhere they like, as long as they have an Internet connection. For now, we guess all football fans can do is sit and wait to see if something comes out of this meeting.

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