Over 40% Of Americans Log Into Web Version Of Facebook Each DayJust how popular is Facebook? Well, the social network giant, fresh from picking up Mobile Technologies under their growing list of companies acquired, has just unveiled the latest batch of US user metrics, where statistics point out that over 128 million users actually log into the web version of Facebook each day. That amounts to more than 40% of all Americans, now how about that?

On the mobile front, the number would have dropped a wee bit to 101 million in comparison, which accounts for nearly 33%, but it is not worrying at all since it still shows off just how popular the mobile version of Facebook is. Something tells me that most of the folks who log into their mobile version of Facebook would also log into the web version whenever they are at home or at work. Of course, the main target of these metrics would be advertisers so that they have a better idea on how to engage with their intended audience. Other than that, Facebook has every intention of moving away from the “monthly active users” metric, citing that to be an “old way of looking at the media world.”

Since you have owned a smartphone and/or tablet, do you still log into the web version of Facebook?

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