rubbeeElectric bicycles are starting to climb up the popularity charts the lower the price drops – which is pretty much in line with just about any other kinds of products that we know of in the market. Of course, there are some cyclists who deem an electric bicycle as an “insult” of sorts, because it does not challenge the human riding it to the fullest potential. If you are not that particular and prefer convenience over challenge, then the Rubbee electric bike conversion gadget, a Kickstarter project, should be right up your alley, taking but seconds to give your manual-powered bicycle (aren’t they all in the first place) an electric boost.

The Rubbee happens to be a portable, 14 pound attachment that you would hook up to your current bicycle, and it claims to deliver up to 15 miles of travel on a full charge, capable of hitting a maximum speed of 15 mph courtesy of its integrated 20,000mAh battery pack. Incidentally, that battery pack will take approximately 2 hours to fully juice up, and it can be uninstalled in a jiffy sans the need for nasty wires and tools. Would you be interested in seeing the Rubbee be realized as a commercial product? There are still four days to go before time runs out for it to hit its funding goal.

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