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Paris Region Launching World’s Largest Fleet Of Electric Bicycles
Electric scooters are being deployed in major cities across the globe by states and startups alike to reduce congestion and pollution. The Paris region is reportedly going to take a similar step as part of a state-funded scheme which will be aimed at getting commuters to cycle to their destinations. Achieving this aim will require putting in place the largest fleet of electric bicycles in the world.

M2S All-Go Electric Bike Is Far From Clunky
Most of the time, when we talk about electric bikes, it would have something to do with a rather heavy or clunky frame complete with a large battery which looks unwieldy. This particular crowdfunding project that has just launched – the M2S All-Go electric bike, will certainly hope to change the way in which one looks as an electric bike, since it boasts of a carbon frame that delivers not […]

Rubbee Easy Electric Bike Conversion Gadget
Electric bicycles are starting to climb up the popularity charts the lower the price drops – which is pretty much in line with just about any other kinds of products that we know of in the market. Of course, there are some cyclists who deem an electric bicycle as an “insult” of sorts, because it does not challenge the human riding it to the fullest potential. If you are not […]

Neo Volt folding electric bicycle
Yes, we do know that folding bicycles makes life a whole lot easier when you take public transport, as your two wheeler can be comfortably carried without taking up too much space, but how about a folding electric bicycle? Now that is certainly a thought worth exploring in the form of the Neo Volt folding electric bicycle. Not exactly the newest idea on the block, but at least the Neo […]


Boxx electric bicycle sets futuristic precedent
When you first set your eyes on the Boxx electric bicycle, surely you must be wondering what kind of strange suitcase this is, and who the heck would want to use something like this to carry their luggage around in? Well, first of all, the Boxx is an electric bicycle, where a full charge is capable of delivering up to 40 miles of moving you around. If you happen to […]

Prius X Parlee bicycle concept does a Professor X
Don’t you think it is a coincidence that the Prius X bicycle does something which Professor X is able to do – that is, read minds? Basically, whenever you ride the Prius X Parlee (PXP) while wearing a special helmet, it will be able to shift gears at the speed of thought – without requiring your thumbs to fiddle with the gear knobs. How neat is that? Not only that, […]

Faraday electric bicycle could be the future
What do you think of when you envision the future? Electric cars that are super efficient that the world’s energy crisis is already solved? How about electric bicycles that offer far more than what current models deliver? The Faraday electric bicycle concept that you see above was specially constructed for the Oregon Manifest design competition, where ideas factory Ideo decided to work hand in hand, or should we say wheel […]

Brompton unveils their foldable electric bicycle
Foldable electric bikes aren’t exactly new, but if you’re looking for an alternative to all the models that are currently available, Brompton has just unveiled their very own foldable electric bicycle, a project that the company has apparently been working on in secret for the past several months.

Smart pedelec electric bike enters production
Smart, the company that rolled out that cute little car in the past intends to live up to its name, although this time it will not be a four wheeler that will grace our roads, but rather, the pedelec – also known as the Pedal Electric Cycle. This particular mode of transport will come with an electric motor, where it sports a maintenance-free and brushless rear-wheel hub motor that will […]

INgSOC concept bicycle is drop dead gorgeous
This is one of the times when I wished the conceptual design would just jump into life like that – and we’re talking about the INgSOC bicycle. The frame design does seem to be future forward if it were to roll off a factory line, courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. The electric bicycle will definitely look faster than it moves, sporting sharp lines and some dangerous-looking edges.The frame […]

Solar Cross electric bicycle
Getting around on a bicycle is already a green and healthy pursuit, but how do you make it greener? You can’t actually, but you can add more oomph to a bicycle with the help of an electric engine so that you can tackle those killer uphill slopes without breaking too much of a sweat. Terry Hope, a Canadian inventor has come up with the Solar Cross electric bicycle, receiving its […]

Panasonic Gyutto and Gyutto Mini power-assisted bicycles
Panasonic has introduced its Gyutto and Gyutto Mini power-assisted bicycles to the Japanese market, and what makes these special would be their ability to carry around a couple of infants – at least this will happen on May 23rd, 2011 onwards. The accompanying child seat of both the Gyutto and Gyutto Mini will be placed logically on the rotating shaft of the handle, where the seat is located at a […]

Eco-Delivery Electric Bikes make your pizza business greener
If you happen to own a pizza delivery business, then chances are pretty good you will own a fleet of motorcycles that will go some ways to making sure piping hot pizzas arrive at the doorsteps of your customers within the fastest time possible. Well, that is fine and dandy, but what happens when you decide to take a green step forward? This is where the Eco-Delivery Electric Bikes come […]

Panasonic electric bikes to help the elderly
Panasonic has just released a new 20″ bicycle designed for the elderly in Japan. It has a low seat which is easy to get into, is perfect for carrying one passenger and with a basket in the front for storing small objects. The BE-ENS033 Electric bicycle can be ridden manually, in automatic mode and in power mode. In automatic mode, the bike uses electricity to help users start pedaling and […]