Don’t you think it is a coincidence that the Prius X bicycle does something which Professor X is able to do – that is, read minds? Basically, whenever you ride the Prius X Parlee (PXP) while wearing a special helmet, it will be able to shift gears at the speed of thought – without requiring your thumbs to fiddle with the gear knobs. How neat is that? Not only that, it seems that this futuristic bit of technology will be making its way to showrooms as early as 2013.

Not only does this special helmet help the Prius X Parlee read your mind, it also takes that information, process it and ensures it ends up being more efficient since it will let you know just how well you are operating it, in addition to keeping a record of your past behavior. For example, it will perform a downshift should you happen to ride past a place where you downshifted prior. According to Patrick Miller, “This was purely a prototype concept. [But] in general, neurocontrol things will become more commonplace in the tech world.”

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