Samsung Believes Tizen Is A “Simple Alternative” To Android


Samsung develops some of the most successful Android devices, look no further than its Galaxy S4, which has become the fastest selling Android smartphone of all time. This success has greatly helped Samsung in its battle against Apple for the global market share, it has also helped Android boost its global user base. Though over the past few months we’ve heard rumors that Samsung is looking to end its reliance on Android, essentially ending its dependence upon Google. Samsung announced its homegrown Tizen OS earlier this year, the company’s co-CEO termed it as a “simple alternative” to Android in an interview earlier this week.

Samsung co-CEO J.K. Shin says that Tizen will allow them to offer “cross-convergence” between various devices such as PCs, smartphones, cameras and even banks or cars to users. There exists a possibility that somewhere down the road, the company’s flagship devices might be powered by Tizen. We heard a rumor recently that perhaps Samsung was abandoning Tizen, the company released a statement saying that Tizen wasn’t being shelved, instead it launched a challenge for developers to create apps for this platform and earn a generous amount of money in the process. Though it might take quite a while for Tizen to power every Samsung device, the company certainly won’t abandon Android abruptly.

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