You know, it makes perfect sense to keep your eyes peeled on the road whenever you are behind the wheel, and the use of smartphones while driving can be dangerous – not only to yourself, but to other motorists on the road. After all, it takes a few seconds of carelessness for disaster to happen – and even worse, one might end up in a potentially fatal situation. Having said that, Volkswagen has just introduced the SmileDrive app that intends to make driving a more fun experience. This is an Android app, and the good news is, you do not need to own a Volkswagen to make use of this app, although it is essential that your smartphone and car are able to “communicate” via Bluetooth connectivity.

Upon a successful connection between your ride and SmileDrive, the app will run in the background throughout the entire duration of your commute. Upon arriving at your destination, you will be able to check out a list of your on-road achievements, stickers and “punches”. The punches are reminiscent of an old grade school game “Slug Bug” (or as VW has named it “Punch Dub”), where each time you pass a VW Beetle on the road, you end up with a “punch”. The achievements list is a long one, and at least getting stuck in traffic would not make you lose any of the proverbial points, so to speak.

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