xbox-enforcement-unitedMicrosoft has just unveiled a new beta program known as Xbox Enforcement United which will hand down moderation tools to volunteers, making this a mass moderation platform by gamers, for gamers. Basically, as long as you are a qualified member of the Xbox Live community, you will be able to pitch in your time and effort to moderate the service. Xbox Live has, since time immemorial, always come with a user feedback system, but according to Microsoft, the all new Enforcement United program would be able to lend you “a sense of ownership on the service”.

Microsoft explained, “Members who join the Enforcement United beta will participate by providing their opinions on whether particular content, initially Gamertags, violate the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. These decisions from participants feed into an algorithm our team developed. That algorithm takes several factors into account like how many participants believe there had been a violation and how reliably those individual members’ historical decisions aligned with the general consensus. The system can then determine whether or not to apply an enforcement action like requiring a Gamertag change, or if the complaint should be escalated for one of our enforcers to review more closely.”

Of course, we also did talk about Xbox One’s Reputation system earlier this month which relies on user feedback so that it can categorize gamers according to their online behavior, and the new Enforcement United system can be said to be a continuation of that, where it is deemed “smart enough” to prevent manipulation from any one individual. How about manipulation of an entire group?

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