If you’re a long-time Xbox 360 owner, the name “Xbox Live Marketplace” will probably result in numerous trips down memory lane when you purchased that really good game while you were sitting butt-naked on your couch drowning in a sea of Doritos. Well – get that name completely out of your head as Microsoft is bidding adieu to the name Xbox Live Marketplace, and replacing it with “Xbox Games.”

In the U.S., the new marketplace is known as “Xbox Games,” while in the U.K., they get the snazzier-named “Xbox Games Store.” We’re not entirely sure why Microsoft decided to keep the names of the store in each region separate, but we hope there’s a good reason behind it, although we’ll just make it easier for everyone and call it the Xbox Games Store, since it is a store.

The change brings the Xbox Games Store in line with Microsoft’s other digital marketplaces, such as the Windows Store, Xbox Video Store and Xbox Music Store. With that said, we’ll certainly miss hearing about the Xbox Live Marketplace, although our fingers will certainly welcome the change as Xbox Games Store is much easier on the ole digits.

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